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Saving money on parts
is possible!

Are you looking for a part or for a specific component? The original part is too expensive or not available any more? Or maybe you think it is not worth spending so much money on your old machine? Omeco will find for you the spare part that you are looking for.
With used parts you may save up to 90% of the brand new one. Our parts, taken from the scrapped machines or from the stocks of spare parts, are divided into three different categories according to their wear and tear condition and to their place of origin.

Just Taken Out

the maximum savings can be made

The part will be delivered exactly as it is taken from the scrapped machine. In this case, the warranty will be only valid for the complete unit or for the part that has been replaced. The functionality of the component will not be covered. 
Example: for an excavator lift piston or a loader transmission we guarantee that all the parts are complete, but you may need to change seals on the piston or to rebuild the transmission.

Inspected & tested

the best compromise

As in the previous case, we guarantee the functionality of a part, but not only: we also guarantee that your machine will be immediately operable. No warranty is given for how long the replaced part will last.

Rebuilt & Warranted

as new

The part will be reconditioned and tested in our labs. It will be warranted for a variable period of three, six or twelve months.

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